#EuropainToscana, «There is more than just Salvini and Di Maio, there is a European Italy that lifts up its head»

Governor Enrico Rossi's initiative in defence of the European Union starts from Tuscany

FLORENCE, November 27 - How would Italy or Tuscany be without European funds? And mainly, what would happen if the EU goes ahead with the infringement proceedings against our country? The consequences, besides a penalty equivalent to up to 0,5% of GDP, would be dire, with the possibility of the freezing of structural funds (€70 billion) and of loans from the European Investment Bank (€11 billion). A disgrace that would hit Italy, closing construction sites, stopping projects, slowing down investments. The epilogue of a deindustrialisation scheme that would, indeed, mark the coming decades.

For these reasons, the President of the Tuscany Region Enrico Rossi has decided to travel across his Region, from North to South, to explain and tell how much Europe is necessary and fundamental to the development of Tuscany. A pro-European tour, with one hundred stops, which will visit all the provinces to show the citizens what projects benefited from European funds.

«A Europe without Italy is unthinkable, just as much as a modern Tuscany without Europe. For me – says President Rossi – either Tuscany will be European or it will have no future like the rest of the country. It is time to say very firmly that the national interest coincides with the European interest. So much for "Italians first", any claim for "'small fatherlands" is just a step backwards and a leap in the dark. It is time to rise up and say that there is more than just Salvini and Di Maio, there is also a pro-European, sympathetic, inclusive Italy».

«National populists in power – states Rossi – act only for their own personal agenda, they are ready to shut down the country and especially Tuscany, just to score a few more votes in the next European elections». «Now – he goes on – we must stop being subordinate to the mainstream narrative, made of demagoguery and fake news, because without Europe and without structural funds Italy and Tuscany will be poorer, more isolated, more underdeveloped».

According to Eurobarometer 60% of Italians questioned know nothing about structural funds and – among those who know about their existence – 80% think that they are useless. «Although – explains Rossi – without these resources, Tuscany (and Italy at large) would be less developed, less dynamic and less cohesive. We are not just postcard Tuscany, we are a manufacturing region, European, interconnected, that lives on export and international relations in the field of research and technological development».

With European funds, managed by Tuscany Region, Europe supports agriculture and research, economic and territorial development, the defence of the environment and sustainable mobility, helps those companies that want to become more dynamic and invest in the technological transfer. Just in Tuscany, European funds are worth, per year, around €200 million and, despite representing only 0,2% of regional GDP, are the driving force behind every public investment, with a multiplier effect much stronger than any other interventions. One need only think that from 2007 and 2020 from Europe we received (and are going to receive) more than €2,5 billion.

The "pro-European" tour of the Tuscan governor will start tomorrow, Wednesday, November 28, from the province of Grosseto, which, despite being less dynamic from an economic point of view compared to the rest of the region, treasures European funding.



Wednesday, November 27 - 2018